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Worry less. Earn more.

Ensure your tech stack is issue-free. 

PubMonitor combines machine learning and technographic data tracking into a simple, affordable dashboard and alerts system.  Continually monitor the tech in your stack for ads.txt errors, data leakage, potential GDPR issues, and missed revenue opportunities. 


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Ads.txt Audit 

Protect your revenue by ensuring your ads.txt files are free of human and syntax errors.

PubMonitor compares your ads.txt files to the tech actually firing on your sites – confirm authorized digital sellers are accurately listed and discover missing buy-side tech. 

Data Leakage Monitoring

Protect your user and inventory data –
protect your pricing. 

PubMonitor finds on-site tech sharing data through both direct and piggybacking relationships, guarding against potential GDPR liabilities and allowing you to make 
strategic decisions about the amount of data your sites share – and to whom.


Stack Monitoring

Know what tech is working – and what's not –
in your stacks.

Losing a partner for even a day can have a major impact on revenue. Sharing data with a partner whose contract has expired, but is still in your stack, can cause bigger problems. 
PubMonitor sees tech changes and issues, alerting you instantly.
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How It Works

At the core of PubMonitor is our technographic engine that continually scans your sites, identifying and tracking which of the 2,000+ marketing and advertising technologies are in use, without the need for installation or integration. 



1) Identification


Our engine detects and intakes relevant data from your URL(s)


2) Analysis


A technographic stack review validates and categorizes all active tech on your URL(s)


An ads.txt comparison identifies potential issues and errors


A data leakage audit uncovers
piggybacking tech




3) Delivery


Browser Login
A simple dashboard for monitoring all reports


Real-time email alerts for ads.txt, data leakage, and changes to active technologies

Plans & Pricing

  Beta Pricing** Post-Beta Pricing
Single URL*


First 5 URLs



Additional URLs

+ $250/per 5x

+ $500/per 5x

Includes 3 Seats 
(Add'l 5 at $250/mo)

Includes 3 Seats 
(Add'l 5 at $250/mo)

* A URL is defined as a single, unique web address to be monitored.

** Beta pricing requires a commitment of 3 months. 

Understand and monitor your stack.
Illuminate leaking data.
Maximize your revenue potential.


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Ads.txt Resources

The Official Ads.txt Overview - The official Ads.txt overview from the IAB Tech Lab.

Partner Interaction Guide for Ads.txt Specs - Guidelines for conversations between advertising partners who want to leverage the advantages of ads.txt.

Helping the industry prevent the sale of counterfeit inventory with Ads.txt - An IAB blog post

Creating an Ads.txt File (Video) - From Google Publisher University - note that the video showcases only Google products (of course).