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Locate and monitor in-market prospects using technographic data. Track your competitor's new & existing users, identify contract anniversaries, and maintain a constant supply of leads. 


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Sales Intelligence & Prospecting

Turn your competitor's customers into prospects. Locate, target, and continually monitor your competitor's customers. Our proprietary technology identifies their product installations across 25M of the largest U.S. companies and allows you to create prospect lists filtered by size, site traffic, industry, and more.

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Sell-side Management Tools

Our technology identifies any website actively using your technology and illuminates any publishers that haven't properly activated you in their Ads.txt file. Don't lose revenue because your customers are mismanaging a simple text document. 

Our data shows that the average publisher has 8 errors on their Ads.txt file.


How It Works

At the core of our sales and competitive intelligence tools are a technographic engine that continually scans 25 million of the largest U.S. companies sites, identifying and tracking which of the 2,200+ marketing and advertising technologies are in use. That data—combined with firmographic data—feeds sales and marketing teams with ideal customer profile creation, target account selection, lead scoring and routing, and personalized outreach.  


1) Identification


Our proprietary identification tools scan the internet for all websites using your competitor's tech.


2) Analysis

We provide a complete listing of every stack where your competitors live, the date they were first seen on the site, and what other technologies are present.

Sort and filter by industry, size, revenue, geography, etc.  



3) Delivery

Organize your new prospect lists and download the data directly.
Or link the data to your CRM and import directly for actionable use.

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We're thrilled that you want to learn more about our tools for sales and marketing teams. Our beta program grants early access (and discounted pricing) to tech companies that want to be ahead of the curve. We ask in return for your unique insights, product feedback, and that you help us identify newly desired features. Sign up here and we'll follow up with details.


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Technographic data ushers in a new era for technology prospecting.
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