Control data leakage.
Track your tech stack.
Limit exposure. 

Start protecting your users personal data.

Continually monitor the tech in your stack for data sharing & data leakage, potential GDPR issues, and ensure your brand(s) are staying in front of the increasing world of online privacy requirements. TechMonitor combines technographic monitoring and machine learning into a simple, affordable dashboard and alerts system that protects your brand.


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Data Leakage

Gain full visibility of the data shared between you and your technology partners. TechMonitor uncovers the on-site tech that shares your data through both direct (first-party) and piggybacking (third-party) relationships. Safeguard against GDPR liabilities and make strategic decisions about the amount of data your sites share – and to whom.




Constant Monitoring

Things move pretty fast online and often without your consent. Be notified of any changes to on-site technologies, data sharing, and leakage through piggybacking.


How It Works

At the core of TechMonitor is our technographic engine that continually scans your sites, identifying and tracking which of the 2,000+ marketing and advertising technologies are in use, their data sharing policies and practices– all without the need for installation or integration. 



1) Identification


Our engine detects and intakes relevant data from your URL(s)


2) Analysis


A technographic stack review validates and categorizes all active tech on your URL(s)


A data leakage audit uncovers
piggybacking tech





3) Delivery


Browser Login
A simple dashboard for monitoring all reports


Real-time email alerts for data leakage and changes to active technologies

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