Ads.txt service for tech providers

We eliminate your customers' ads.txt errors so you don't have to.


Ads.txt ScoutTM monitors your customers' sites, finds every ads.txt error, and ensures they know exactly what to fix. 


Reclaim your revenue

*Top 5,000 Publishers based on Quantcast Rankings. Data includes only top 25 demand source technologies by installation volume. Total demand source database includes 575+ technologies.

How Ads.txt ScoutTM Works:

How Ads.txt Validator Works

By overlapping our ads.txt crawler and propritery StackFinder engine, we know exactly which sites use your tech and if they are properly managing your ads.txt entry(s). 

Our service contacts publishers directly–on your behalf—to alert them of specific errors and omissions that affect your tech, ensuring you are a valid demand source. After all, ads.txt accuracy benefits them, too.

Ads.txt Scout is always-on, checking for errors and notifying publishers while you sleep. We include a monthly progress report, keeping you out of the weeds and up-to-date.


Ads.txt ScoutTM is the only tool that compares on-site tech tags and corresponding ads.txt inclusions

There are other ads.txt tools out there – but none that solve for technology providers.

Ads.txt Validator Tool Overview


This is the simplest way to ensure you're
bringing home money 
that you've already earned.


Get a summary of sites with ads.txt errors on your tech. 

This is the first step – discovering if you have a problem. We'll send you, and only you, a summary of sites with ads.txt errors on your tech—no strings attached.  

 Or,  just email us with questions.