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Technographics & Our Platform

Marketing and Advertising Technologies range from mass data collection and development, to programmatic media targeting, deployment and delivery, and audience/business targeting. In total, these companies comprise a massive industry which is part of the fabric of the internet; its implications on commerce and society cannot be overstated.

Industry Index has built and operates a technographics database and platform which identifies, maps and measures – with extraordinary fidelity – the implementation of these advertising and marketing technologies. Our proprietary technology gathers and tracks data on the deployment and usage of each separate technology across 5mm+ of the highest-performing websites, which are further mapped to industry verticals (e.g., automotive, travel, healthcare).

Our technographic data is organized and normalized for specific user types: Publishers, Technology Vendors, Brands and their Agencies. Our data is then visualized and provided via subscription models via our platform.

Technographics is a unique data set about a company's technology usage and behaviors, including technology deployments, usage and interactions, usage frequency, and add/drop dates. New data sets are added frequently.

We have solutions for:

Technology Companies
Our data feeds sales and marketing teams with ideal customer profile creation, target account selection, lead scoring and routing, and personalized outreach. Learn more >

We continually monitor technology on-page for ads.txt errors and omissions which often lead to significant missed advertising revenue, track authorized and unauthorized data sharing and leakage, providing crucial visibility on GDPR and other consumer data privacy, protection, and liability issues. Learn more >

Brands & Agencies
We identify the tech stacks of brands and their competitors, aiding more intelligent tech adoption decisions and the ability to capitalize on the tech trends in any particular vertical. We also monitor both authorized and unauthorized data sharing and leakage, aiding brand safety and adding crucial visibility on GDPR and other consumer data privacy, protection, and liability issues. Learn more >

Industry Index gathers and tracks data on the deployment and usage of 2,250+ separate technologies. These technologies range from data collection and development companies, to programmatic media enablement, and audience targeting. In total, these companies represent a massive industry which is part of the fabric of the internet; its implications on commerce and society are in the news everyday.

We scan the web, looking at individual websites by the millions. Our tech observes unique javascript, tech tags, page calls, pixels, ads.txt files, xml records, data leakage points and parties, and more. Every on-page technology has specific, detectible attributes. These unique tech Product Identifier (or PIDs) are gathered and analyzed, determining type, origin, category, and unique characteristics. This is done entirely in-house using proprietary processes. See our platform overview for additional details. 

All of the most highly-trafficked sites are analyzed every few hours. Lesser trafficked sites are analyzed at greater intervals. To help show a more accurate picture of on-site tech, most of our data displays on a 30 day rolling summary. After all, not all technologies are active on every page view.

Our basis includes an analysis of 5MM+ of the highest-performing websites. For top publishers and highly-trafficked sites, our data is collected and analyzed many times each day.

Using and Buying 

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Universal access costs $99/mo. For access to exportable customer lists, data exports, and integrations, see all plans and pricing.

Of course! Take a guided tour and learn how Industry Index can benefit your business. Demos typically take ~10 minutes, and we typically leave another 10 or so to talk through actionable data points discovered during the demo. Schedule a 1:1 demo with us.  

Yes, we will be rolling out direct integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot in the near future. In the meantime, all our prospecting data is available as .csv files for import. If you'd like to request a custom integration, please contact us.

Our Products
We classify "Data Leakage" as instances in which we identify tech that is piggybacking off a first-party technology, thereby gaining access to user or site data. This is often done without the consent or knowledge of the website or publisher. More info on data leakage.
Our ads.txt audit is a proprietary tool that helps publishers better manage their ever-evolving ads.txt files. The only tool of it's kind in the market, it compares a publisher's current ads.txt file to active, on-site tech. This comparison yields ads.txt errors and omissions which are potentially blocking programmatic revenue. This tool is part of our universal access for $99/mo along with our data leakage report. See our Plans & Pricing page for more details.
"Active Tech" refers to any technology that we identify loading on your website. This can be either first-party or piggybacking technologies. As certain technologies don't fire on every page load, we typically display a rolling 30 day historical record of on-site technology.

First-Party tech is defined as a technology that is directly loaded onto a web page – often called a single container, universal, or master tag. While it is typical that directly loaded technology has a known (and often contractual) relationship with the publisher, this is not always the case.

Piggybacking (or Third-Party) tech refers to any tag that fires through a First-Party technology without being directly implemented on-page. For example: Website X has a First-Party relationship with advertising exchange XYZ. XYZ often shares Website X's data with their own tech partners – including both unknown (and sometimes even other existing First-Party) technologies.

Piggybackers are occasionally written into the contracts between First-Party partners and publishers, but do not have a direct contractual relationship with the website.

Yes – we track 3 header bidder types: 

1) Header Bidding Wrappers
2) Header Bidding Adapters
3) Server-side Header Bidding Products (Note: this category of tech is not directly identifiable like the other two. Publishers who use a Server-Side HB solution can integrate this during our 1:1 onboarding process.)

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