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The Tech Stack Intelligence  Platform

Tech stack insights on 5MM+ websites including on-page tech audits, data leakage, and ads.txt errors. 

Technology usage and account targeting insights on over 2,250 AdTech and MarTech providers. 


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Here's what you get:

Data on Technology Providers

Tech insights and market intelligence

Access data on 2,250+ tech companies including:
• Installation and usage counts and locations
• Market share and sales penetration
   (by tech category, industry, and site traffic)

• Data leakage and sharing practices
  (versus industry norms and competing technologies)

Account targeting and customer data enrichment

Access ALL current customer records for any AdTech or MarTech provider

• Filter results by industry, traffic, and company size

• Enrich existing prospect and customer data with tech usage insights

Website Tech Stack Insights

Illuminate all on-page tech & data leakage

Monitor changes to on-site technologies, data sharing, and leakage.

• Keep tabs on every demand tag and pixel on any top 5MM+ websites

• Monitor on-site tech that shares data through both direct (first-party) and piggybacking (third-party) relationships

• Safeguard against GDPR liabilities and make strategic decisions about data sharing practices

Monitor your ads.txt 

Ours is the only tool that compares live ads.txt files to active on-page technology. 

• Confirm authorized digital sellers are accurately listed

• Catch syntax and human errors before they cause lost revenue

• Discover missing and rogue buy-side tech

• Monitor all demand source tech


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