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Improve your tech stack without leaking your data.

Monitor the stack of you and your competitors, c
apitalize on the tech trends in your vertical, and illuminate data leakage.


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Tech intelligence for competitive advantage

• Don't fall behind technologically. Know with certainty every tech in your competitor's stack. Get notified whenever they add/drop technologies

• Track the trends of your industry to ensure you're on the leading edge of marketing and advertising tech 


Control data leakage, limit liability, protect your users

Gain full visibility of the data shared with your tech partners.

• Monitor on-site tech that shares your data through both direct (first-party) and piggybacking (third-party) relationships

• Safeguard against GDPR liabilities and make strategic decisions about the amount of data your site shares – and to whom

Continually monitor your tech stack

Be notified of any changes to on-site technologies, data sharing, and leakage.

• Get real-time email alerts whenever your stack changes (including when data leakage occurs)
• Get notified when your competitors add/drop technologies
• Receive weekly tech reports


Frequently Asked Questions

Technographics allow brand marketers to know:

• What specific tech is active on their site(s)
• Which emerging technologies they should be watching
• Which tech partners are sharing their customers' data
• If they share more or less data then competitors
• Are tech partners complying with contracts
• What technologies are trending with their competitors


We classify "Data Leakage" as instances in which we identify tech that is piggybacking off a first-party technology, thereby gaining access to user or site data. This is often done without the consent or knowledge of the website or publisher. More info on data leakage.

Yes – new tech pops up all the time. Our capabilities continually evolve to incorporate and contextualize the newest technology types and individual providers into our technographic data. If you have a new technology you'd like us to add, make a request.

Universal access costs $99/mo. For access to exportable customer lists, data exports, and integrations, see all plans and pricing.

Of course! Take a guided tour and learn how Industry Index can benefit your business. Demos typically take ~10 minutes, and we typically leave another 10 or so to talk through actionable data points discovered during the demo. Schedule a 1:1 demo with us.  

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2,250 Technology Profiles and over 5 Million Websites

Competitive Technology Profiles and Sales Intelligence Data
Data Leakage Insights tracks technologies leaking data from your website(s)

Ads.txt Audit Tools ensures Ads.txt compliancy

Account Targeting and Customer Prospecting Lists 
• Data is view only — exportable CSV is available as an add cost.


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