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Ensure your tech stack is issue-free of ads.txt errors, data leakage, and rogue on-page technologies.


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Ads.txt Monitor

Ours is the only tool that compares your live ads.txt file to your active on-page technology. 

• Confirm authorized digital sellers are accurately listed

• Catch syntax and human errors before they cause lost revenue.

• Discover missing and rogue buy-side tech

• Monitor all demand source tech



Control data leakage, limit liability, protect your users

Gain full visibility of the data shared with your tech partners.

• Monitor on-site tech that shares your data through both direct (first-party) and piggybacking (third-party) relationships

• Safeguard against GDPR liabilities and make strategic decisions about the amount of data your site shares – and to whom

Continually monitor your tech stack

Tighten up your stack. Get notified of any changes to on-site technologies, data sharing, and leakage.

• Keep tabs on every demand tag and pixel on your site

• Get real-time email alerts when your stack changes

• Receive weekly tech reports


Frequently Asked Questions

Technographics allow publishers to know:

• Which tech partners are sharing their customers' data
 If technology partners are complying with their first-party contracts
  If their site's technology is optimized to best benefit advertising revenue
 What specific tech is
actually active on their site(s)
 How often a particular tech appears on their site versus another
 Which emerging technologies they should be watching
 Wether they, or their competitors, leak and share more or less data

Our ads.txt audit is a proprietary tool that helps publishers better manage their ever-evolving ads.txt files. This tool compares a publisher's current ads.txt file to active, on-site tech. This comparison yields ads.txt errors and omissions which are potentially blocking programmatic revenue. This tool is sold as part of the PubMonitor subscription along with our data leakage report.

Yes – we track 3 header bidder types: 

1) Header Bidding Wrappers
2) Header Bidding Adapters
3) Server-side Header Bidding Products (Note: this category of tech is not directly identifiable like the other two. Publishers who use a Server-Side HB solution can integrate this during our 1:1 onboarding process.)

Unlimited access to the basic platform starts at $79/mo. For access to customer lists, data exports, and integrations, see all plans and pricing.

Of course! Take a guided tour and learn how Industry Index can benefit your business. Demos typically take ~10 minutes, and we typically leave another 10 or so to talk through actionable data points discovered during the demo. Schedule a 1:1 demo with us.  

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$79/mo, basic platform access 


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Basic Platform

Technographic profiles of over 5 million websites
• All active tech profiles of you and your competitors' sites

• Data leakage summary

2,000+ technology profiles 
• Marketshare
• Industry penetration
• Competitors' profiles
• Customer lists


Advanced Access

Data Leakage Insights 
• Track the technologies that are leaking data on your website(s)

CRM & Data Integrations  
• Connect technographic data into your existing systems


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