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Account targeting and customer data enrichment

• Access ALL current customer records for any of your competitors in a flexible and filterable format

• Enrich existing prospect and customer data with tech usage insights

• Integrate directly with Salesforce or your CRM

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Ads.txt  ScoutTM

Monitor your customers' sites, finds every ads.txt error, and ensures they know exactly what to fix.

• Ours is the only service that compares on-site tech tags and ads.txt inclusions to optimize tech revenue.

• Our service contacts publishers directly–on your behalf—to alert them of specific errors and omissions that affect your tech, ensuring you are a valid demand source.

• Track all of your tech tags independently – regardless of where they fire on page (including header bidding wrappers and adapters).

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Market insights and competitive intelligence

• Reveal market positioning insights by tech category, by vertical penetration, and geography 
• Compare your data sharing practices to industry norms and your direct competitors
• Influence your positioning strategy and marketing comms with with comparative usage data

'Always-on' technology alerts

• Prospect at the right time - get notified when your prospects are likely to renew contracts with their tech partners 
 Real-time email alerts when your customers or prospects add/drop tech from their site
• Manage sell-side customers – understand everywhere your tech is included (or missing from a seller's ads.txt file)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technographics allow technology providers to know:

• Their competitors' customers
• Their penetration by vertical compared to competitors
• Which publishers use which technology, and how often
• Which emerging technologies they should be watching

All of the most highly-trafficked sites are analyzed every few hours. Lesser trafficked sites are analyzed at greater intervals. To help show a more accurate picture of on-site tech, most of our data displays on a 30 day rolling summary. After all, not all technologies are active on every page view.

Yes, we will be rolling out direct integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot in the near future. In the meantime, all our prospecting data is available as .csv files for import. If you'd like to request a custom integration, please contact us.

Universal access costs $99/mo. For access to exportable customer lists, data exports, and integrations, see all plans and pricing.

Of course! Take a guided tour and learn how Industry Index can benefit your business. Demos typically take ~10 minutes, and we typically leave another 10 or so to talk through actionable data points discovered during the demo. Schedule a 1:1 demo with us.  

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Access includes:

2,250 Technology Profiles and over 5 Million Websites

Competitive Technology Profiles and Sales Intelligence Data
Data Leakage Insights tracks technologies leaking data from your website(s)

Ads.txt Audit Tools ensures Ads.txt compliancy

Account Targeting and Customer Prospecting Lists 
• Data is view only — exportable CSV is available as an add cost.


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